Focused Digital Marketing

AMVIRA identifies the few publishers that can give you high impact digital reachto your target audience, at scale.

Other Marketing Avenues

Sales and marketing collateral is one of the pillars in achieving successful marketing so we do everything with competence to create the impact your brand needs in the market. Amvira does the following as part of the sales and marketing collateral.

  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • POP collaterals
  • Package designing
  • Multimedia presentations, etc.

Promotions at Events, Exhibitions

Amvira goes the extra mile to help you promote your brand or product in events, exhibitions, and promotional events. We ensure that at the events your branding is done with theme ideation, invitation, souvenir ideas, event collaterals, stall backdrops, AV presentations and event promotions in mass media.

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We have an all India presence that helps reach the message of your Brand to multiple Cities and Towns in a short period of time with Brand/Product Roadshows.

Customer Telecalling

The most effective way of marketing is establishing one-on-one communication with the consumer. It has the impact that none other mediums have as it allows the consumer to voice the liking and disliking about a brand or product. This gives the client and us the opportunity to make important decisions about the brand/product.